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Live Writer, the new blogging software from Microsoft
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Microsoft introduces Live Writer, its new freeware for creating blog entries compatible with Microsoft's Windows Live Spaces and other popular weblog services.
The software is very akin to other Microsoft products, namely Microsoft Word, so if you are familiar with this, which is very probable, you can start writing your entries immediately. You can modify the font and its size and color, add bulleted or numbered text, and so on. Also, like in Microsoft Word, you can add other elements besides the text, like tables, images, web links, tags and maps. You can add videos, too (only of your blog provider allows it). Just copy and paste the url of the video page, or upload them from Soapbox, Microsoft's video service.
If you are a serious blogger and have more than one blog account, you can manage them all from Live Spaces. Also, you can create blog entries even when you're not online, saving them for posting or editing later.
All in all, the interface of Live Writer is very intuitive, so you won't have any trouble bloggin'.

Victor Hernandez
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